The Biggest

Garage Sale Day

on the north coast!

Will be on again in 2018... stay tuned!

Over 900 Garage Sales

Thank you to all who participated to make this another fantastic event.

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This year, we had such a brilliant time exploring the region with the Dirtgirl World crew including dirtgirl, scrapboy, Recycle Girl, Chicken Girl and the Green thumbs. And Costa even got in on the action from afar. If anyone knows how to choose to reuse - these guys sure do! Thanks to all who made this event another success, and we look forward to another great event next year.


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We asked our sellers and shoppers what was the best thing about Second Hand Saturday?

" Helped teach my great nephews environmental values and work ethics-they were rewarded with 100% of the proceeds."

" We got rid of a lot of stuff and there were plenty of people out looking at all the garage sales "

" The number of garage sales taking place, make this event more popular and more people are out and about."

" The unified approach and the brilliant and colourful advertising made me feel like I was part of something special. It was great to be spreading the reuse message and promoting less waste to landfill."

" Thank you to all the Councils for organising this great event! We sold alot, but we really enjoyed the social aspect and meeting different people. "

A Grand Day Out:

we ventured out to many garage sales in The Green House van last year,

see us in action in this film clip.

Over 900 Garage Sales held across the region

This program is supported by the NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.